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Waking up scared


Howdy - been a while since I posted a post of my own on here.... having a few odd things happening with my sleep.

I am on Isentress and Truvada and am finding that I am waking up scared... I know this sounds weird, but its like in my head if I don't get up out of bed something awful/drastic is going to happen. Is in fact already happening.

Its like I'm having a panic attack in bed!

I feel I'm mostly awake too when this happens? World ending shit..... it goes away once I'm actually up although it takes a few moments to orient myself.

Even afternoon nanna naps are the same and sometimes it feels like I actually don't get to sleep at all, and this deep fear is just at the threshold... (like a waking dream)


That happens to me from time to time, I'm also on the same HIV meds. It never occurred to me that these weird sleep "attacks" might be coming from my HIV meds...

•The most common side effects of Truvada are diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, headache, dizziness, depression, insomnia, abnormal dreams and rash.

I also started having those crazy ass dreams when I started Truvada (assuming it was the Truvada).  And because I was also suffering severe insomnia, I think the dreams intensified when I finally managed some sleep.

For me, the addition of a sleep aid lessened the frightful dreams.  Sometimes, the dreams seemed so real that I believed it was reality.  Now, they don't bother me as much and I kinda enjoy them.   ;D


Ok then.... so it is the meds...... I just find them very uncomfortable..... will ask my doc about a sleep aid.... what do you take? I can't really do benzo's cause I got hooked on them.....

You post reminds me of a period of time, where I would wake wide awake in a panic.  It felt like my heart had stopped.  I would sometimes yell out, "Oh, no,"  I would grab my phone, in case I needed to call 911.  I assume this was just anxiety.  Weird it would happen in sleep.  I wondered whether my heart was fluttering, or whether I stopped breathing in my sleep.  This was also a period, where I was grinding my teeth in my sleep.  There were several times I thought I chipped teeth. 

I would also have dreams that something bad happened.  Before I was diagnosed, I would wake up feeling I had tested poz.  It would take a few minutes to realize it wasn't real.  Well, perhaps the HIV dreams were a way for my mind to alert me that I needed to do something, like get tested. 

I hope you can get some relief and get some great sleep. 


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