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Please advise me


Hi, I am at risk of HIV.  I engaged in commercial sex, and there were 2 incident. first is condom broke, but i did not ejaculate, second when i oral sex, i have blood in my mouth.  I suspect the other party is hiv positive.

i tested for hiv at the 7 weeks and reported negative, now i feeling tingling sensation all over my right hand, gradually slowly increasing in frequence since 2 months ago, it seems getting worse nowadays, sometimes left hand also happened, and i could see white small patches spots appearing on my right hand.

please all kind souls, please kindly advise me.  thanks for reading. 

Andy Velez:
Giving oral to a woman is risky mainly theoretically. In real life HIV infection just doesn't happen that way as too many factors have to come together which don't.

As far as the intercourse incident, the condom protected you until it broke. Whether you ejaculated or not is irrelevant as far as your health is concerned. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly harder to accomplish from female to male.

The average time to seroconversion is 22 days and all but the smallest number of those who are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after an exposure to the HIV virus. So a negative result at 7 weeks is a very strong indication that you will continue to test negative. You should re-test at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident to confirm the earlier negative.

As to your symptoms, that's something for you to discuss with your doctor. In part they may well be stress-related, but whenever there are persistent symptoms it's always a good idea to check things out medically.

I expect you to continue to test negative for HIV. Make sure that in the future you are using latex condoms which fit you properly and use one everytime you have intercourse, whether your partner is a professional or a civilian. No exceptions. 


Hi Andy,

I can see my sweat glands are also different unlike before, more like silvery, shinny.  and I don't know why is that so, together with the tingling feelings, I am just not right,  kind of know that I am diseased already.  my gums front teeth beneath are also whitish.  I hate myself for this stupid act.  I took a blood test today.  But I know I have a low chance.

Thanks for your kind advice.


Andy Velez:
You need to know that neither the presence nor the absence of any symptoms is ever a reliable way to know about your HIV status. The only sure way to know is an HIV test at the appropriate time. The CDC recommends 13 weeks for a definitive answer.

Nothing you are describing is in anyway suggestive of HIV infection to me. Stop self-diagnosing yourself. It's bad for your health. See a doctor about it.


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