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I'm in love.... with artichokes!

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 :) I too love Artichokes. They might also be an Alkaline Producing food in the body... Which might, maybe, perhaps, help in the prevention of "Lactic Acidosis" which is a possible side effect of the HIV drug I currently consume. A delicious fun food that might help prevent potential health issues.
They also look nice in a floral Bouquet if you can find them with a long stem or use a bamboo stick to hold them in the bouquet. ::)

This discussion reminded me that I haven't had a fresh artichoke in many years so I picked up a couple of them yesterday. I had to get on youtube to see how to cook them as I have never done it myself.
Seems simple enough. Cut off the stem and steam them for 20 minutes. The lady on the video was saying the highbred versions don't have those thorny things on them. Sure enough, mine didn't.
Going to make a butter, olive oil, lemon and garlic sauce for dipping.
Two of the youtube clips showed them dipping it in mayo. :P
This got me wondering how in the hell do they process these things to make commercial artichoke dip? Must be some amazing machinery!  :o 8)


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