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I'm in love.... with artichokes!

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For about two months I've been craving, eating, drinking, and loving all things artichoke. 

By drinking I'm referring to various italian liquors, the famous one being Cynar but there are others.  I've always loved bitter sweet drinks and cocktails, with or without alcohol. 

It never occurred to me until today to look up health benefits of artichokes.

There seem to be plenty, though not all that well documented, perhaps.

I noticed is that artichokes have compounds that are antioxidant, anti-cancer, cholesterol reducing, and liver cleansing...  Full of vitamins and minerals.

Maybe this is still reparative work my body is craving from the Hep C I had last fall...  I think sometimes the body knows and starts to crave things that are good for it....  Artichokes, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, maybe some thin slices of ham. just tastes like heaven to me these days.

Jeff G:
I'm with you on the artichokes . I love them steamed , I pull a leaf off and dip it on hot garlicky butter and scrape . I love the whole hand to mouth tactile aspect of them as well .   

I must admit I've not had much experience with artichokes other than that pre-made store brand Spinach/artichoke dip, which may or may not be real artichoke. But given this thread I think I will give them a try next time I'm in the fresh produce aisle. )


you can steam em a good long time and then snack on them watching tv

Jeff G:
Just be sure to trim the stickers off each petal with kitchen scissors or you will get stuck and loose patience with them . 


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