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meet and greet plans? AMG 2013.

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I noticed Dennis mentioned back in January in the Hotel proposal thread that the rooftop terrace would be available and he would get back to us with a menu and prices.
I couldn't find much about it on the hotel website other than a brief mention.
(nothing about a restaurant or bar)
Thought it might be worth getting some plans discussed. :)


This is a picture of the rooftop terrace.  They don't actually accept reservations for the use of this and it's not private.  The sales/catering department isn't open today but I can try to find some additional details.

One thing that needs to be considered with the rooftop terrace is rain.
I'm not seeing any awnings in that picture.


Here's an interesting option?  Right down the street and on the bus line.

Jeff G:
Ann Sathers , the restaurant I have mentioned before has facility's and does catering for events like this all the time . Its also located about  20 steps away from the Belmont L stop in Lake View . It would be an added bonus for those who wish to go to the clubs or sports bars around Wrigley Field after dinner ... location location location .

Tom the owner is gay and very active in LGBT issues as well a long history of serving the HIV positive community . Just thought I would mention it .


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