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Hiv and hpv

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Thanks Jeff and Andy!

So no need to retest after I get my results back from 30 day test...

Also not that it matters I've been with one and only one girl for 14 years now..
I just slipped up an got a Bj from someone when I shouldn't have...
I am assuming that's why my anxiety is so high..
Dry mouth, swollen nodes , starting to get night sweats , etc ..
Anxiety and fear can ruin ya..

But once again thank you guys for your input.. Was just confused about the whole hpv in regards to transmitting other sti..

Thanks !

There was no reason for you to test in the first place.

Jeff G:
You are going to be OK and if this is your only concern you can put it to rest because you didn't have a risk .


Rather than fretting about a no risk blowjob, I suggest you worry about transmitting your hpv to other people. Get your warts sorted out.


Yes i agree ann
they are figured out, i dont have any on me and have had them looked after...
also just a note just got my 4 weeks duo test p24 test back and it was negative ...

So i would think im in the clear! I hope
also just some other side notes.

this test was for syphillis too at 4 weeks  negtive
also was tested for bacteria infections at 2 weeks... negative
is it safe to say i am std clean???

Thanks for any ADVICE



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