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Ahhhhhhhhh, yeah, no sex drive here either.  I'm thinking the first time I have sex (since my diagnosis, obviously no virgin here..) I am going to need the female equivalent of Viagra.

Right after I found out, I had sex more than usual. It was three months of drinking and that lead to sex, very safe and informed sex. Then when the shock wore off, I became depressed. Celibacy accompanied this.  I've now been celibate for 2.5 years. My doc and therapist think I need to get back out there. But, I really have no desire at all. Hopefully that will change.

I had no sex drive either when I found out but I also had PCP and MAC.  turns out I was low on testostorone.  So I started some gel thing on my shoulder everyday.  Once my meds worked and I got healthy my sex drive came roaring back which made my partner VERY happy.  I no longer use the testium gel and seem to have a normal sex drive for someone that is 31 years old!

Same here.. when I first found out my sex drive went out the window, but like others I also had PCP and some other things going on.  It took a couple months, but now im a typical Taurus the Horny Bull. ;) GRRR

I was the same as londonguy though, the first time I had a flog after learning my status I looked at the resultant mess and just thought it was awful, and full of virus.  Really put me off of sex.. but.. I got over it.

Sex? What's that? j/k...I went through the same thing for sure.You will get over it, but check your testoserone every so often! Like everything with HIV you just have to go at your own pace. Hope that it turns around for you soon!


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