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Since learning of my status, my desire to be sexual with anyone has diminished to almost non-existant. Is that a normal response in the beginning?

I still get "urges," but I take care of it myself. When I think about adding someone else into the picture, my mental response is "Ugh, No."

I experienced a similar thing, but only for a few weeks.  My sex drive totally vanished.  Definetely a psychological thing.

I actually remember the first time I 'took care of things myself' after I learned of my diagnosis and I remember looking at the semen and thinking that it was swarming with the HIV virus.  That really put me off anything sexual for a while.

I'm ok now though, and I'm confident you will be too  :)

I think you can answer this on your own.  Many of us have 22 to 23 years under our belt with this bug.  Do you think there is any possibility that we have done this celebate????????????????????  I don't think so... ;D

Just give yourself time, and use this time to work out some of the things that you have placed in the back of your mind, to deal with in the future.  Now is the future, and now is the time to get those confusing feelings about "us" placed firmly where they belong.  If I am being too vague. I spent the better part of two years, just trying to figure who Tim was, let alone be comfortable with him and his HIV.  Soon enough, things will come to order, and you will seek out people that will more than likely be of a much higherquality than you went for previously.  There is little to be gained from spending time with anyone that will not accept you, your HIV, or the way you live.  This is one of the reasons that I strongly advocate that people nail the HIV closet closed tight.  There are far too many threads here on a regular basis from people in our family that will not come out, and therefore bring loads of shit on themselves, just because they are living a secret.

Here is to clarity and a full and abundant sex life.

In Love and Support.

I remember the first time as well. I looked at the semen and thought, "This could kill someone." A sobering thought, most definitely.


You mean you weren't celebate all these years? *ducks and runs for cover* Hehe


--- Quote from: MoltenStorm on June 06, 2006, 11:17:03 AM ---I still get "urges," but I take care of it myself. When I think about adding someone else into the picture, my mental response is "Ugh, No."
--- End quote ---
Give it time, I'm sure your desires will increase (especially as you become more comfortable in being positive).


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