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AMG 2013 Names/Arrivals/Departures

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Just wanted to wish everyone a safe trip to Chicago! :)

I think I may have said this before but if someone told me 2 years ago that I would fly half way across the country to meet a group of people that I met online I would have said no way.
Well, here I am doing just that.
It won't matter if the weather turns on us or if we end up in a dive for a meal or two.
Getting to know you all a bit more is the real treat.
Hope your bags are packed!
See you all in Chicago tomorrow!!! :)


Jeff G:
I hope every one has a wonderful time . I wish I could be there with you guys in my favorite city . 

Have a great time all!

For you first-timers this will be amazing for you! And the veterans, well they just get better each time :)


Thanks guys! :)


    See you @ Chile's  :)



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