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AMG 2013 Names/Arrivals/Departures

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Hello fellow AMG 3013 attendees!

Please use this thread to post your Chicago arrival and departure information.
Please only use this thread if you will be joining us in Chicago.

AMG 2013 Chicago will be held August 8-13 at Inn of Chicago.
162 East Ohio St., Chicago, IL 60611

Here's what is needed to insure hugs and kisses upon arrival:

Screen name/ first name
Arrival date/ time
Flight number/ or other means of arrival
Departure date/ time
Flight number/ or other means of departure

AMG 2013 Hotel Booking Details are listed here:

AMG 2013 Donations, Requests for Assistance, Membership Sponsorship information is listed here:

It's never too late to join us! :)

Mitch777/ aka Mark (and Kenny)
Arrival Aug. 8  12:40pm  AA#3127
Departure Aug. 13  7:40pm  AA#3602

pozniceguy /  Nick   arr.  aug 8     American flht  2814   1:20
                           dep  aug 13    American flt   5003   11:00

Here is my info:

Arrive 8/8 UA 4271 - 2:29 pm
Depart 8/12 UA 3369 - 1:34 pm

can't wait to see and meet y'all

Arriving Southwest 1004 at 12:10 pm on Thursday, August 8
Departing Southwest 496 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, August 13.

I will be away most of Saturday, leaving early in the morning and returning in the early evening. 

Lou-ah-vull is my screen name.  I have already made the hotel reservations.



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