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So it's been a long time since I have posted anything, but I still read and follow the posts. It is because of the advice in these posts I am starting meds early and I made the decision to get this ball rolling. So officially, starting tomorrow I will begin taking Stribild, even though I have made this decision I have to be honest and say I scared to go down this path, I am worried about possible side effects and this drug not doing its job, cost of meds and of course complying. One thing is for certain, I really haven't dealt with my status (I put it on the back burner for the past two years to finish school) and now need to develop a support system. Well putting it out there for the universe, the real reason for me to start these meds is I have come to the decision that I plan to be around for a long time, i am in a much better place than two years ago. ;)

Hey Socal;

It is great to hear that you are in a much better place now than two years ago -- and, that you see a long term future.  I think your fears of the meds side effects, them not working, adherence, and the cost are all very natural -- I had many of the same fears.

In terms of side effects, I really stressed over this one and it turned out that my stress was way worse than any side effect.  The vast majority of us don't get the side effects, and those that do get side effects usually only last for a week or two.  With regard to the meds working - Stribild is one of the most effective meds, it is going to do fine for you, but also know there are alternatives available. I also worried about adherence, but have found it has been very, very easy to build taking my meds into my daily routine.

The bigger picture is that the meds are the only thing that is going to help in the long run, I have come to see them as a critical part of my support system.  With regard to support systems - do you have anyone to talk to (friends, support group, counselor, etc.) about your status? 

Again, it is good to hear you are doing well,


My friend starting on Stribild  a little over a month ago. She is doing very well on it. The only thing she is noticing is her muscles ache sometimes. She had blood work done last week and will see how the medicine is doing when she sees her doctor I think this week. I will let you know when I know.

Hey, I thought I'd post my experience just to maybe ease the OP's anxiety (as I was worried about the same things...especially the side effects).  I started Stribild (first HIV med) 6 days ago.  The first night (I take it at 10pm...a couple hours before my usual bedtime) I woke up and wandered to get a glass of water and noticed I was mildly nauseous (and when i mean mild...i had to be like " that nausea? Yea...i think it is).  Other than that I had some bloating on the first two days.  Now I just have some rather mild nausea in the mornings but that goes away roughly two hours after waking up.  I must say, I am pleasantly surprised, as I had accepted that my life was going to be hell for the next couple of weeks (at least).

thanks to all for comments/replies

Jmarksto- well without getting into to much detail, only 3 people other than medical personnel know of my diagnosis. There is a lot of guilt associated with my diagnosis as I had been in a 20 year committed monogamous relationship (fortunately he is still negative) which has ended due to my cheating and diagnosis. He was one of the three people and for reasons obvious not a support at this time. Second is a counselor who I no longer see due to money. Third is puzzling to me it is a longterm friend who has been diagnosed with AIDS for over 20 years, but when subject comes up he is quick to get off the phone (he doesn't live close by). I have been doing research for a support group here in Ventura County, California and there isn't any, I have learned they are starting one in September which I plan to be a part of. I do know the key to my being happy and successful in life is to deal with and embrace my status and that is my next goal.  You will most likely hear a lot more from me in these forums.

Martha, thanks for sharing and please continue to let me know how your friends blood work goes.

Cpt.Mauzer- Thanks for sharing, question for you I see you take your medication at night, I know it can be taken at anytime, I had planned to take mine in the morning due to possible side effects of insomnia to which I already have issues with and thought it could exacerbate the issue. So has this been a problem?


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