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Aids Dementia Friend Might Be Committed To Mental Institution


Hello everyone,

 Our friend that has Aids Dementia and PML is so out of control that his wife (also HIV Positive) was told today and had to sign a form for permission to heavily sedate him that as violent as he is if the sedation doesn't work he will be taken from the nursing home and put in a mental institution. The hospice nurse said she has never seen a case this bad. Is this common with Aids Dementia. Thank you for any advice.
This is such a heartbreaker.

I'm sorry to hear your friend is dealing with this.

I can't speak for AIDS-related dementia, but I can speak for Alzheimer's-related dementia. Anything that disrupts the normal function of the brain can bring on violent and aggressive behavior.

All it takes is for the right (wrong) portion of the brain to be affected for negative personality changes to manifest. These include reacting violently to others. Most times the violence is due to heightened anxiety related to reduced ability to function normally.

If sedation doesn't bring your friend peace, then a mental institute will be the best place for him. Nursing homes and hospice care facilities usually don't have staff trained and that specialize in handling violent patients. Even though your friend cannot help being the way he is, he will need special care to prevent him injuring himself and others.

Thank you so much for the response. They kicked him out of the nursing home took him to the hospital with a police escort. They checked him out at the hospital and released him to wander the hospital all night until security escorted him out. His son finally went and got him and took him to their house. The wife who is HIV Positive had to leave out of fear so he is alone, almost totally blind, confused and nothing can be done they said until he loses consciousness. I never thought this is how the system works.

Jeff G:
Hi Martha . Im so sorry for the situation your friend ( all of you ) are in . I hardly know what to say in the way of constructive advice but maybe if you tell us where he is located another member may be aware of a resource in your area that can help .

In the off chance that he doesn't have a social worker in an ASO , I would call one today and let them know how dire the situation has become .

He is lucky to have family that can look after him , some aren't so lucky .

Jeff, Thank you. Each day there is another crisis. Now we all wait for the next days problems. I have talked in detail with him on the phone this last week.  Sometimes he sounds like he always did and sometimes he is totally off the wall and that is where the anger lies. He was in the Hospice program and they had to drop him until the violence stops. His wife does have a Social Worker with an AIDS affiliation and since he refuses to go back to a nursing home they said he will have to lose consciousness or pass away and call 911. I gave her this web site link and am encouraging her to get involved.


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