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Is it time to chance happiness?

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Hello everyone. I contracted HIV in 2005. Since then I have been secure realizing that more than  likely I would be relationship free. Then...thanks to social media.....I have reconnected with friends from years ago. One seems to be blossoming. The thought of letting them know my status is heart wrenching. I wrestle with the thought of never opening up my heart and possibly never finding someone who accepts me. Is it time to chance it?? I tell myself whatever the reaction will be will be fine with me...hmmm...I wonder if that could really be the case.

Whoever they are, they will receive the news the way you give it meaning if you make it a big deal then it will be made a big deal. YOU will be surprised how well that news is received if you givebit in a calm and collected manner.In any case if one can't look beyond your hiv status in this day of ARVs then they are not worth the bother(imao).
Good luck

Thank you for your reply, Jessy. To catch my situation  up to date....I told him one evening when we were outside enjoying a beautiful evening.....he took it just fine and we are getting married in June!

Congratulations!!!! I wish you every happiness and lots of the best things! Hugs to you! K

Thank you, Karry.  :) Have a great weekend.


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