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Just started SSDI Process & very scared.

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I applied for SSDI years ago due to a TBI (I was thrown from a moving vehicle -bouncy, bouncy on my head).

They will deny your initial claim, unless you are dying -or dead. That's normal. It's not about giving you this benefit, but finding reasons to not award it to you. The initial denial has been shown to dissuade people and cuts down the number of applicants willing to pursue it further.

Any letter they send you will have verbiage stating "you should receive notification in XX days". The very next day after that date passes, you need to be contacting SSA. Don't let things languish, waiting for them. They will not move your case forward unless you keep it moving. When you contact them, mention the letter, mention it specifically said you would receive notification -and you did not.

I had the help of a disability advocate that was employed by my US senator. Any time SSA did not contact me when they were supposed to, I was able to contact him, give him the documentation and he got them to take the action they said they would. Check to see if there is someone like that working for any of your congressional reps.

My doctors cooperated fully and were very supportive of my decision to apply. SSA still sent notifications they hadn't received the proper documentation -even when I had hand-delivered it to my local office.

I still ended up having to go through the appeals process and appeared before an administrative judge. You will likely have to escalate your appeal to this level. During this meeting, you will be asked if you can do specific tasks, as they relate to your disability. Be honest, but answer as to your capability on your worst day or under the worst conditions, not when you would be at your best.

Good luck. Your attorney doesn't get paid unless you get your disability. So the fact you were able to engage one says you have good reason to apply.

Thanks Intaglio, your advice really means alot. My Attorney submitted all my records and some of my doctors also responded. Beginning of July, I called my DDS Examiner and she confirmed receiving all my records. Called again mid of July and end of July for update but no response from her. So I'm in a waiting game now.


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