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Juicing (meaning juicing veggies and fruit)


To start, I am newly dx (April 10, 2013). I recently watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" which is a documentary on a guy from Australia who had major weight and health issues who decided to go on a 30 day juice fast. He ended up doing it for 60 days, lost a lot of weight and his health improved.

My question is has anyone out there used juicing?

And to avoid any confusion I am not on meds yet and don't plan on the fasting part. My next Dr's appt is July 16th and I plan on discussing this with my Dr. My A1c has been 5.8 for the last couple of tests, my liver profiles have been high for about  4 months. Dr ordered an ultrasound, last one 4 years ago showed a "Fatty Liver" Using the charts I am mildly obese (not in my mind!) 6'3" 256#'s. my diet in the past hasn't been the healthiest and before my dx I wanted to change my lifestyle to be healthier. About 2 weeks ago I stopped soft drinks (pop, soda etc depending on where you're from) and cut out fast food. Cut back on my pizza and ice cream, my worst weakness. I've dropped about 4 pounds in the last 2weeks.

I've added more fresh fruit and veggies to my diet. I figure the juicing could supplement my diet. I only planned on the "fasting" part on my days off from work.

So I like to hear of anyone else's experiences with juicing and maybe some recipes.

Thanks in advance!

I juiced a lot a few years ago and then tapered off and have mostly stopped.   

Diet is more important than juicing.  For one, juice basically ends up being sugar water.  If you were to actually eat the veggie or fruit the fiber lessens the sugar effect on your body and ends up being way more healthy.  A high fiber diet reduces blood sugar.

Not to be critical but if your diet consists of pizza and ice cream that's where you should start.  Take small steps.  Change what you can and start moving to more of a Mediterranean diet.

If you buy a juicer, I have the Brevel.  It's very good and easy to clean.   

Carrot, spinach, apples or pears, and a beet.  Can't go wrong juicing that.

I'll admit pizza was once a week and ice cream a little more often. But as I said I have cut way back on those and more toward a better diet.


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