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relocation in Texas


Hello everybody

Currently I  living in Europa.Company where I work propose me to relocate in Texas.
How will proceed with HIV medication in this case? Company does not know my status s +.
In  U.S. will have to pay for medication? What is the procedure to come into their possession of medication ? there are local support groups? like that in the future the company will not find out about my status and +.
Waiting response and thanks.


I will try to provide a general answer, and others with more specific information can jump in.  Also, this question may be better suited for the "Insurance, Benefits, Programs" forum - which would be useful for you to search through.

When a company moves a person to the US it is customary that they would also provide medical insurance, which is provided through a private insurance company. That medical insurance would cover some portion of your doctors visits, labs, and medications. Generally all of this information is kept separate from your company.

The challenge with this system is that the insurance companies generally exclude pre-existing conditions, at least for some period of time (I think about 6 months) which your HIV would fall into. But your plan may be different.

I would recommend asking what kind of medical/dental/vision insurance the company would provide with the move. You will need to know which insurance company and the specific insurance plan within that company to know the details (how much they pay and when) of that insurance plan.

I hope this works out for you,


once  you know  what your  insurance covers(  if  any)  the  Major  cities in TX  have HIV  services  Dallas, Houston ,Austin  ,San  Antonio  should be  no problem getting  an HIV  Dr.....  smaller   cities  vary  ...where  are  moving to??



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