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--- Quote from: fard123 on July 01, 2013, 02:39:44 AM ---thank you . you are really a professional man.
why some experts believe that this can be a risky encounter? these Inconsistencies are my concerns. it would be my only and first and last mistake .I have a wife and I worry about her.

however thank you so much. you calm my mind (excuse me my english is weak!)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the kind words! Believe me, it is appreciated. I think that people who do not understand the virology of HIV decide, based on outdated/obsolete sites, wht does nd does not constitute a risk. That's a real problem when people don't bother to do the research themselves, but would lazily cut and paste (often decades-old) information. I wish we could control those sites. Sadly, we can't.

We are absolutely confident in our risk assessment because we do NOT use pre-packaged information as our "bible." We do the research and make certain our information is up to date.

I really, really wish other sites did the same.


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