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trap in sex and acute hiv infection trawelling to pattaya thailand

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hello every one .sorry for my bad English . i was in Thailand in pattaya 46 days ago  and my bro offers me go go to Thailand and have fun .im industrial manager and im 40 and single and i had not try fuck any woman or girl before in all of my  life . because my religion forbidden this .and fucking is for married people . and some stuff like this ..... so when i decide to go Thailand my main purpose was buying Samsung 3d led tv . so in pattaya i get home sick and shocking cause lonely and Thai people could not speak English . so i get stress very high and i decided to choose one friend for my room or guiding me for eating buying shopping . i am shy person naturally . and i went beach road and i talked with woman . we went to my room ibis hotel . and i did by vagina  with shampoo because woman was so dry in vagina for  just 20 minute without condom because i wanted to try and fell what is  vagina and how feel inside there . i did not like condom then woman bye bye . next day i rent 1 girl that accepted be with me for 8 days . summary.... after i returned   to my country about 11 days later after first contact i get white dot inside my throat and sore until now . i have not fever . no throat pain . no sign  . and im ok . but i know i got definitely hiv . im in acute hiv infection . and i had not seen symptom like this . and i try big antibiotic . no success . big ointment . no heal  . big metrindazol . azirosin . omoxy cilin . and 4 doctors told me we dont know what happen for ya . maybe you are auto immune :-[ system disorder //// but i know hiv is inside me ...
test result ....Eliza anti body test after 23 days negative . Eliza anti body + p24ag was negative 42 days . and now i am waiting for my cbc test mono test pcr rna test answer ....
so please guide me . any idea ? my throat sore not better and exist for 34 days . what should i do now ?? now i see how easy to get infection . for me i can not handle this . i will kill myself if i will be positive . because i had not any joy  in my life before of infection no child no wife no marry .all of my family are very sad . i told to all of my friend bye bye every one . nice to be with you and ... so what will be after infection ? better ? no .treatment ? no  i m just tired for life pain . it is enough for me  now . i wanna to rest and calm forever . i fell i had enough live.other people must live . not me

Jeff G:
Hi Ahmadl . The average time to seroconversion is 22 days. Most who are infected will test positive by 6 weeks. For various reasons a small number will take longer and that is why we follow the CDC recommendation to test at 3 months for a conclusive negative result.

Its a very good sign you tested negative at 42 days and I would not expect it to change when you test at 3 months to confirm the results . Your symptoms are not specific to HIV so you can calm down because its not looking like HIV is whats making you sick .

To agree to have unprotected intercourse is to consent to the possibility of being infected with an STI. Sex without a condom lasts only a matter of minutes, but hiv is forever. You will avoid HIV if you consistently and correctly use condoms for vaginal and anal sex , its really that simple .   

tnx for your endeavor and give me hope . dear friend after i felt hiv infection im spiritual person i wanna live .hiv please live me alone let me live enough . now i can figure out how life is look like . i love to live . now im awake . i can see beauty on earth . now i have enough courage if i can run a way of hiv . now i feel life . now i know i love life . now i love my friends . my tv . my shoes . my room . i love people so much . yes i do . i can live without money . but not with hiv i wanna Jesus let me to live . and forgive me . im guilty person . for one moment joy and experience i killed my self by hiv . i wanna run . i love sport . i wanna see football match world  without hiv infection . just what remain for me .....sorry..i do really like earth. young people must listen my story .

Andy Velez:
Ahmad, I agree with Jeff that you are very likely going to test negative at 3 months for a conclusive negative result. In the meantime while waiting to re-test you need to make every effort to focus on other matters in your life. Doing that will make the waiting time pass more easily than you may imagine is possible and with much less drama about it.

You can avoid this kind of upset and risk in the future by always using condoms for intercourse. No exceptions unless you are in a securely monogamous relationship in which both you and your partner have reliably tested negative together.

Now, onward with your life.

Jeff G:
Get tested at 3 months past any possible exposure to confirm your negative result and use condoms next time .

I have lived with HIV for over 30 years and love my TV too .


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