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Really think somthing is wrong.

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Thanks for replying to me. I know yall read threw tons of posts and answer alot.

I just cant help but think these symptoms are due to hiv. Ive never had loss of appetite, Esp for over a month! And the nausea and fatigue persists. I had been reading threw some of the other forums on here and had been looking at other peoples seroconversions and they kinda sound like mine with negative tests also!

Needless to say im soo worried. Is there proof that drawn out ars lasting longer than the "average" time frame makes seroconverting delayed? I have read that delayed seroconversion is a myth?? Im going to see my doctor in 2 days for some tests. I think ill order a 4th gen test, so maybe they could see the antigen if my body isnt making antibodys? thanks so much.

Jeff G:
If your body was no longer producing antibodies you would be in the hospital near death .
By the time a person stops anybody production they are a few days if hours away from death .

I bet the minute you accept that you do not have hiv after your 3 month test all of your symptoms will vanish . I had a friend stop over at my house last month , she told that  her grandchild had got head lice at preschool . I was never near this woman or the child but I be damn if my head didn't itch like crazy for a week until I asked the guy that cuts my hair to look at my scalp , after he told me there was nothing there the itching stopped . Stop telling yourself you are sick and see if you feel better and try to find something to do until you test again other than reading about HIV and its symptoms .

I be you will come out of this OK , so get busy with something fun to take your mind off all this .   

Thanks for your answers.

I still am feeling pretty horrible with symptoms... I am still experiencing loss of appetite, fatigue, joint pain in elbows, and pains under my arms, and these weird red bumps on both forearms. most of the symptoms have been here since week 3, it is now almost 11 weeks and still feel it. I know ars is not supposed to last this long, but I was reading some of the forums on here and read that other people were having long ars bouts also.. My tests have been all negative at 1 month, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and just recently 10 weeks negative using eia 1 and 2 antibody test.

Wouldnt my 10 week be able to detect it by now?, I now have about a week and a half till i get to my 12 week test, have you ever seen someones change to positive with a neg 10 week?

Why does ars last longer in rare cases?

Could i get a 4th gen now and be conclusive?



If you feel unwell, see a doctor. With that ten week negative result, it's a foregone conclusion that whatever is going on has nothing to do with hiv.

Jeff did tell you that you wouldn't be satisfied with a less than twelve week negative, and yet here you are. You should have just waited and got your official conclusive result in another two weeks.

Your six and eight week negatives were never likely to change and you've got more chance of winning a multi-million lottery than you are to go on to test positive after a negative at ten weeks.

Chill out already and again, if you feel unwell, go see a doctor. It's nothing to do with hiv. You have - for all intents and purposes - ruled hiv out of the picture.


Ive been seeing my gp and got my full cbc back today, everything was in normal limits, but then again I hear acute hiv has no effect on the cbc values.

Im getting pretty desprate for some relief of these symptoms, I just have no appetite at anytime, joint pains are pretty painful, and these damn red bumps all over both arms.

If I had a normal cbc can i put 2 and 2 togeather and say my immune system should be good? I never get sick before this.

I know im sounding kind of repetitive but I am really desperate here.

You guys have been on these forums for quite awhile, did you ever see someone with a long bout of symptoms with a positive test later on? I really cant find anything else that is making me feel so bad.

thank you


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