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Really think somthing is wrong.

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--- Quote ---The fact that other people on this very site have had negative tests after the "window period " only to test positive later on is really making me a nervous wreck about taking this test this week despite you guys being so confident about my results.

--- End quote ---

Okay, gloves off.

I have been on this site for over ten years, and NO WHERE have I seen ANYONE test negative at three months and THEN test positive. It might not come out instantly, but each and every (scant few) times someone has done this, they have admitted to other unprotected anal/vaginal sex, or extended periods of meth or alcohol fueled blackouts during which they had sex.

You will NOT find the argument to support your position here. If such incidences were even remotely common (or had ever been documented) then I would be spearheading the charge to ROLL BACK the HIV transmission guidelines on this site.

I have not, and do not intend to do so.

Sure, we get people who test positive and come in and claim an "immaculate infection." But they almost ALWAYS give themselves away. Sometimes months, years later. But it happens. And in the meantime, they have the worst possible time adjusting to their status because they realize that there's no "good people" or "bad people" HIV.

The older I get and the more friends I lose, the less tolerant I become in those situations.

YOU are HIV negative. Moreover, your silence has told me that your girlfriend, who you ADMIT is showing what you perceive as "symptoms," has not been informed of your activities nor availed herself to a full and complete STD panel.

That makes you complicit in whatever illnesses she might have as the result of A) your misguided actions and B) Your misguided choice to continue unprotected sex with her while YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO HIV and C) Her obviously complete misperception of you, unless desiring (at best) a scarred uterus or permanent nerve damage with the possibility of a slow and avoidable, yet undiagnosed death was what she was shopping for.

In which case, of course, well played.

You have tested negative- but only for HIV. You have used your trusting girlfriend as a guinea pig to prove your lack of STDs rather than test at the appropriate time for them all. You have come here multiple times talking about HER symptoms, yet find nothing in your heart that seems remotely concerned with anyone but yourself.

You need to go away now. You seriously need to go away.

you are HIV negative, and I have helped you in good faith.

I cannot do that anymore, and will report each and every post you make from here on until you are timed out or banned.

The next conversation about STDs is not one you need to have with us. And I think you know where that conversation needs to go.

I don't like it how you are making me out to be a bad guy, please don't judge me over the Internet...

For one we have both tested for the common Sti's because she kept having the Utis so her doc tested her.Two I was not having unprotected sex with her until after I got my 12 week negative and every forum I visited saying 12 weeks is conclusive, but after that she started having weird symptoms it really freaked me out, and after reading stories on this site didnt help ease my worrying.

I'm not trying to start an argument, just wanted true opinions from you guys that maybe I could still be infected after my 14 week duo test. I just had so many ars type symptoms that really ate at me, that were just unexplained after an exposure so of course hiv is somthing to worry about.

I'll update my result this week, hopefully

Andy Velez:
Whether you accept your negative test result as valid or not is up to you. As far as we are concerned we are all in agreement here that you are reliably HIV negative. Period. End of story.

I'm now going to warn you that we are not going to indulge you in an endless round of doubts and what ifs about your HIV status. You ARE HIV negative.

If you can't let go of your unwarranted fears I suggest you see a therapist or other professional to help you sort the matter out.

But I will also say if you continue to return here about this same issue, you are going to find yourself getting a time out from the site. Consider yourself warned.


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