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Concerns over a dear friend with meningitis, a low CD4 count & other stuff!

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--- Quote from: Bring me sunshine on July 11, 2013, 07:16:25 AM ---Thanks so much Mitch. I feel so helpless. He said it's just a temporary act of rebellion because the doctors aren't listening to him so I hope it's just because today is a particularly low day. He can't really afford to mess around with his meds though can he, not when he is so ill?  :(

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He needs his meds to get well. Period.
I wonder what he thinks is not getting through to his doc. Maybe you could start there. Find out his issues and, if rational, discuss it with his doctors.
My guess/hope is his docs eyebrows are up after his stopping meds and they will take more time to address his concerns. It's really difficult for me to add much more without knowing what specifically is bothering him.


--- Quote from: Bring me sunshine on July 11, 2013, 06:37:35 AM ---My friend is so so low today. He just messaged me and said he is broken  :'( The hospital keep telling him he'll be allowed out of hospital soon but he said the goal posts are constantly being shifted as they now suspect kidney damage because of all the meds. So now, in an act of rebellion he is refusing all his pills (except the ARVs) which is terrible as his CD4 count is 73 and he is very ill with meningitis. He asked me not to try and talk him around and I won't, but what can I do guys?  :(

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You indicate that he's still very ill with meningitis?  Have they not successfully treated the fungal infection?  If so, he is probably dealing with the residual side effects of having this nasty fungus.  In my 20+ years of being positive, this infection was the first time that I felt that my time was up.  It affected my  ability to have reasonable, rational thoughts and clouded my decision making capabilities.

What I recommend is to continue being a great friend and accept that his behavior, although appearing irrational, is a result of a medical condition.  He might benefit from also joining this forum.  I'm absolutely convinced that without the love of my beloved Miss Lily and the people here, I would have given up completely.

This fungus attacks the brain and it's probably difficult to understand how that affects every aspect of a person's existence.  I've mentioned numerous times in other posts how badly I feel for the way I treated those closest to me whom only wanted to be supportive and were there for me. 


Bring me sunshine:
They've told him the meningitis could be in his system for at least a year. This seems just crazy. Now as a result of all the meds he is on he has sustained liver damage. He was hoping to get out of hospital last week and each day there seems to be a new obstacle in his way. He said he has reached a new low. We've been having a lot of banter on IM this afternoon and I've been cheering him up etc but he is in a dark place - he just wants to get out of hospital and try and lead a normal life. I don't know whether he doesn't realise/is not admitting to himself just how ill he is and that he needs to listen to the professionals. He's a grown up though and I'm not going to brandish a big stick telling him what he can and can't do. His Consultant is due to come and see him later so I am hoping she will talk some sense into him. It's hard seeing him feel so helpless. Thank you.

Fungal infections can be accompanied by vivid and WEIRD hallucinations (akin to an LSD trip, from what I've read..... LSD was created from a fungus).

When I was hallucinating I wandered off several times..... until finally they posted a security guard outside my hospital room.  Obviously I was too ill to leave the hospital but I didn't realize that at the time.

During these episodes I would not listen to doctors or nurses.  It took friends or relatives (people I knew and trusted) to calm me down and make me reasonable.


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