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Hi all,

I am hoping that some of the forum members who have previously responded to questions about Thailand might be able to help with some info. What do your meds cost in Thailand? I realize different meds will be priced differently, just looking to get some idea. This is for a newly pos friend who cannot get treatment where he is currently living and will fly into Thailand to Bumrungrad hospital for his tests and meds (if necessary).

much appreciated

cheapest and easiest is at Anonymous Clinic Rajdamri (Rachadamri) Road. You have to bring a prescription for your doctor (at Bumrungrad, BNH or somewhere else)
I have generic of Truvada and generic of Viramune and it's about 1500 THB for a month, Abacavir + 3TC (Kivexa) is 3150 THB. Hope this helps. Wish your friend well.  :)

Thank you Joe, that's exactly what we needed.

Hi, Please advise me:

1. In Bangkok, is there any clinic diagnose the CD4 and virus load FREE for EXPAT (non-Thai citizen)?

2. In Thailand, Where is the clinic to check CD4 and virus load at the CHEAPEST FEE?

Thank you

Dear friends,

I would like to ask about the Drug [efavirenz 600 mg + FTC 200 mg + tenofovir 300 mg] for your help.

Now I am buying DRUG [efavirenz 600 mg + FTC 200 mg + tenofovir 300 mg], a type of Atrila, produced by MYLAN (India) with the price is 50USD/30 pills (not buy in Thailand). My questions are:

1. Where to buy this drug in Thailand (Bangkok)? Or who to contact to buy?

2. How much is the price for 30 pills (in 1 bottle)? Could the price is cheaper than 50USD /30 pills?

3. Comparison about the durg effect, what are differences between Atripla produced by Bristol Myers Squibb and produced by MYLAN (INDIA)?

Thank you for your help.


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