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hi my name is valentino coronado and i'm 24 and i was barely diagnosed with Aids about a 2 weeks ago.and tested poz about 1 1/2 month ago really but i caught Aids about 4 months ago..when i was diagnosed with my cd4 count was 180 and my vl 31,000 and i'm really scared that after catching only 4 month ago it at aids and my cd4 counts so low,i've just started to take atripla just 1 week ago and i've never did drug and never smoked and drank for only about 4 months so yeah i been hoping to meet ppl maybe younger who kinda of in the same boat cause i'm just scared and i got tons of questions i want answer!,,,like how bad is it that i'm 24 and my cd4 count so low for only having it for 4 months and what do i have to look forward to for my future and is atripla a great drug..i hope some of yall can answer these question for me  :)

Welcome to the forums.  That always seems odd to say, but you're here. 

During recent infection, CD4 counts can drop dramatically, but then usually rebound.  Some people are unlucky and don't get that rebound.  You weren't poz long enough before starting meds to know.  Most of us never know what our initial CD4 was, because so many are not diagnosed for a long time.  The good news is that you're on medication, so you should see the numbers going up.

I've read that people in your situation usually still have an immune system still very much intact and hasn't been damaged like someone infected 10 years.  But, that doesn't mean someone in your situation still couldn't get opportunistic infections.  But, you're now on meds, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.  I would bet you see a good change by your next labs. 

I believe there have been new members posting, who are near your age and newly infected/diagnosed.  If you read the forums, I'm sure you will run into them.  Keep in touch and let us know your progress.

All the best,



--- Quote from: ggatlcaa on June 23, 2013, 10:08:22 PM ---what do i have to look forward to for my future and is atripla a great drug..i hope some of yall can answer these question for me  :)

--- End quote ---
Hello and welcome.
Like Ted says you'll find people here around your own age. You'll also find people, like me, who have had HIV for 30 yrs and been on meds 20+ yrs.

The future you have to look forward to is whatever future you make it to be - of course with all the craziness that life throws in there to try to knock you off track. ::) LOL The meds today, like Atripla, do wonders and all recent studies show that someone in your position will probably live out a normal life span. So live, love, play, work, save for retirement - and stay adherent to your meds! Those meds (Atripla is a 3-drug combination) are the only thing that works against HIV and will keep you in good health - at least as far as HIV is considered. Your blood pressure, cholestrol, weight, hereditary issues, etc are all issues everyone, including HIV positive people, have to deal with.

You might want to check out the LESSONS section here as there's a lot to know about HIV, the tests, the meds, etc. And of course you can always ask questions of the members here. Somebody is bound to have dealt with the same issues and can offer you some moral support if not some practical support and advice. ;)

best wishes to you!

HI ggatlcaa. 
Sorry you had to get HIV, but welcome to the forums, at least.

I thought to ask you, are you sure you want to write your name on this site?  This forum is completely searchable and public.  Anyone can now type your name and find you, here at Poz forums...  Maybe you are cool with that. If not, ask the moderator to edit your first post.

The Atripla will build back your CD4s.  The "aids diagnosis" - try to put that at a distance.  You are in the first months of infection. Your CD4 might have rebounded back to normal level without medication.  But now you are on medication so you can be quite sure the CD4s will come back, over the next months.   

A note about "how to refer to things".   You didn't "catch AIDS".  Nobody catches AIDS - AIDS is a condition of HIV+ people who are very sick, or were once very sick.  You really are not in this category.

WHat you caught was the virus HIV.  You're HIV+.   Society may like to lump all this together , HIV - AIDS - "the AIDS"  etc etc. (or much worse...) 

But now you're HIV+ like the rest of us HIV+ folks.  It tends to work out better for us if we don't get too wrapped up in old ideas and fears around that term "AIDS". 

The Atripla is hitting your infection nice and hard.  If eventually, there is something that doesn't work out with that combination, there are plenty of others your doc will advise to you.

THe current thinking is that HIV+ people can live just as long as HIV- people, if they have good medical care. 

You caught yours early, you're treating it early, so there are silver linings for you, in this traumatic moment.  Keep all your goals and dreams. 

Hello! I am sad that you joind us, but glad you found this resource.

Whenever I hear a new person saying that they want to find people of the same age group with which to commune, I assume they know the length anf breadth of HIV theory, mediation, and have nothing to learn from the experiences of those ten years (or more!) older. So best of luck to you.


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