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Paula Deen Just Released Video Apology--FAIL

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This is such a strange video with the editing.  She appears to be very sleep deprived or on medication.  She should have done the Today Show this morning, instead of canceling on them.  I would fire her manager.  Or, just fire herself.

I really liked her.  She seemed very gay friendly, so I was shocked to hear this.  Although, I have heard many gay people say awful things about minorities.  So, liking one group doesnt mean you don't hate another.  I'm reading allegations black employees had to use separate entrances and bathrooms.  She's admitted to using the N-word with hateful intent.

Jeff G:
Well Ted , I guess someone didn't like it either because the owner removed it from yoursens tubes   


  I've yet to hear her say she said it in a hateful way.  I've heard her say they are hurtful words though and she admits she's said them.  I'd be more surprised if an older white person from the South said they never did.  I don't agree with the use of the word, but that's from either white or black.  I hate hearing black males calling each other that and I have many friends that do, but I also have many friends that don't use that word towards each other.

  I've witnessed people working together telling racist jokes and it involved both parties the joke is  about.  When I managed a bakery down in Miami years ago these situations would make me cringe.  Because later, sure enough, out of those same people who were laughing together someone would use that situation to say the other is racist when they didn't get along any longer due to, simply put, personality conflicts.

  Not saying this  is the case with Paula D., but I do grow tired of this lynch mob media going on in America lately.  Matt Lauer has no room to complain about anyone doing someone else wrong.

Paula should make a video telling Matt Lauer to go fuck himself. Now that would be funny.

  I also want to point out that when I initially looked at this a while back the chief complaintant in the case, Lisa Jackson, is white.   I wonder how much of this might be a case of the disgruntled employee.


I saw the video and it was very.......sad.

I'm not a Paula Deen fan.  She has always seemed fake with all her y'all's that she seems to add to every sentence.  However, this video of hers to me was very genuine.  She really seem apologetic. 

Apology accepted. 

Now Paula, stop cooking with all that butter! Your hurting yourself and others with your cooking, now stop it.


  Food Network has announced just a few minutes ago that they will not be renewing her contract at the end of the month.  Sad...


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