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If It's Not One Thing, It's Another - Knee Problems

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So, last Friday I began having problems out of nowhere with my right knee... Extremely painful....

Dealt with it until Monday than went to Urgent Care where they did an x-ray and said it appeared to be tendonitis....

Went to work Wednesday (after icing and resting it Tuesday)... only to have it get worse by end of day Wednesday.....

Thursday took off work due to knee and Urgent Care Center called to say that they had gotten x-rays read and there is an abnormality in x-ray ---- calling for me to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP....

So, I have an 11:15 appointment today w/ ortho to get an MRI done and see what is going on.... Knee is hurting and radiating upwards from it....  Icing, ibuprofen are only providing temporary relief...

Needless to say, having been sleeping well as the dayuummm thing hurts no matter what position I try to put it in at night.

Hoping to get some answers and relief starting today.  UGGGHHHH....

Strange thing is, I haven't injured it in anyway....
Could just be age catching up with me..... Need to check my warranty and see how long knees are covered under it.

Hey Phil;  You have had your share of difficulties, its time to let someone else have a go -- I hope all is well for you.



I hope thtat today goes okay and that you feel a wee bit better soon.


I hope it is nothing too serious and you feel better soon.


Jeff G:
Geez Phil , Im sorry you going through this . We may need to keep this thread for you and Miss P and I to post our back to back medical dramas .

Maybe we can fix it where the song I fall to pieces automatically starts playing when people click in .   


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