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Terrible Social Anxiety/Treatment Ideas

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Just wondering if anyone here, aside from being poz/being treated for it, also suffers from anxiety disorder as I do. There are many different forms and degrees of this, personally I do not have depression although like most I have my down moments. My problem is anxiety and occasional panic disorder. I've been taking paxil for some time now, and it helped some, but the panic attacks are back and I have a constant case of the jitters, plus now I have lost all interest/ability in sex. Which is making me REALLY anxious. SSRIs/anti-depressants have awful side effects. I am hoping to try a benzo regimen, and ditch the ssri, I'm hoping I can get my GP to give me Klonopin or maybe even low dose Xanax. Maybe in future when I feel I can handle it I might consider some kind of therapy, but not ready for that now.

Anyone else suffer from anxiety/panic? It can happen anywhere, anytime. Mine tends to happen in public or large sudden situations. I tried zoloft and it made me worse, and now paxil seems to be causing such bad side effects that my anxiety is getting worse. People are advising me to ditch ssri's for good and try xanax or klonopin, but I know most docs don't like to prescribe them. So what do I do? How should I ask my doc to change anxiety treatment regimens?

When I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, I have  a prescription for Klonopin. I opted against a long-term antidepressant because the ones that didn't exacerbate the anxiety (like Welbutrin) shut down all emotional affect. I wasn't going to live like that.

I occasionally go to therapy, though haven't in several years. Being poor, I am subject to therapists who tend to come and go, assuming they are competent at all. But I do recommend someone to talk to. Even if just in the short term, it can help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is especially good for dealing with (and discovering tools to deal with) anxiety.

Have you given any thought as to the role Atripla is playing in your anxiety? Stopping Sustiva (a component in Atripla) turned my life around rather completely.

jk, thanks for your helpful response, I am definately considering Klonopin, IF I can get my doc to prescribe it for me. My old GP, who gave me zoloft and then the paxil which I'm on now, recently left, so I will be seeing  new GP next month. I'm hoping I can tell him I have tried the ssri's and HATE the side effects and ask for a benzo like Klonopin or maybe even like 1-2mg of Xanax I could take as needed. My anxiety is situational, and I do not have long-term depression. Paxil has helped in some instance, I have been on it 6 months, but the side effects are getting ridiculous like I feel like I'm in a trance all the time and I can't sleep.

I may try a different hiv regimen sometime but I know my anxiety is underlying and not caused by the atripla because I had it really bad before. I just feel out of sorts and don't know what to do. Should I just ask my GP to try me on Klono or Xanax?


--- Quote from: RobbyR on June 18, 2013, 08:54:04 PM --- I'm hoping I can get my GP to give me Klonopin or maybe even low dose Xanax. Maybe in future when I feel I can handle it I might consider some kind of therapy, but not ready for that now.

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Huh...  This does not make much sense, IMO.

Therapy is appropriate when someone can't handle situations, such as therapy..... 

I think you should stop avoiding this, there is no time like today, this is what therapy is for. Also a mental health professional can direct as to what drugs, and when, and how.... That's their expertise... Why are you avoiding this?

Well for one thing because in the past when I attempted to tell someone about my anxiety issues, they acted really judgmental and weird and plus it's hard for me to open up to someone I don't know about this kind of thing. I think some kind of therapy will help me, but I just feel the need to get a better grasp on my anxiety first before I'd feel comfortable spilling my guts to some therapist.

It's about trust I have difficulty trusting people for various reasons and I am scared to open up to someone I don't know. A huge trigger for my anxiety is interacting with unfamiliar people especially if they are asking me personal questions.


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