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I had protected sex with a HIV POSITIVE sex worker.....After i ejculated i went to touch the condom tip containing her viginal fluid to check for breakage....den i process to rub the fluid with my finger n i den remove the condom 2 sec later i use the same finger containing the fluid to touch my penis head the uterus area to remove the sperm.....AM I AT RISK for HIV from tis transmittion possible from tis way......i'm veri scared....can i get hiv from this....WHAT IS THE RISK LEVEL....I DID HAVE PROTECTED SEX BUT THE QUESTION HER BODILY FLUID HAVE COME INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH  MY UTERUS AFTER I REMOVE THE CONDOM...........Help needed


You had protected intercourse therefore you were not at risk for hiv infection. Hiv is not transmitted in the manner you describe.

And by the way, only women have a uterus.


What i mean is the fluid had direct contact with the hole in the penis which is the small opening that urine come out from. Does that put me at risk......pls help......i veri stress....

Andy Velez:
You're not listening, fella. Ann has told you that you weren't at risk because you wore a condom. They provide very effective protection against HIV transmission.

Read the lessons on transmission and testing which you can find a link to in the first thread in this section.

If you're old enough to be having intercourse you are also old enough to have a better sense of anatomy and what safer sex is about.

You are in an uproar without any basis for it in HIV science. No kidding.


but i touch the tip of the condom n my hands gotten the fluid and i use it to touch my penis n directly on small lining where semen, urine flow out that means the fluid came into direct contact with my penis the samll lining.....that's y i'm very worry....DO i need to go test for HIV....IS transmition realli not possible by this way can u give me more information to allay my fear........


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