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Housing Assistance Programs in the Maryland/DC area?


Hey guys. I'm posting behalf on a friend who is having a hard time finding a stable place to live. Like us, he's infected with HIV--and is having a difficult time to finding full time employment.

The wait list for the housing assistance program here is insane. I called the number and there's people who have signed up in 2007 who still haven't been placed in housing. Are there any other programs available? Or possibly financial assistance/welfare programs for single men who have HIV and have a hard time finding full time employment?

Thanks a bunch.

Hello D-Boy,

It is great that you are trying to help your friend.

You are correct about the limited resources for housing and financial assistance for persons with HIV/AIDS.  Also, the employment landscape is still rocky for nearly everyone seeking a job.

I have listed below a few Washington DC metro area organization links you may find helpful to make inquiries for your friend.  If the linked organization doesn't have relevant programs, someone there may be able to refer you to other groups:

Also, here is a separate resource guide regarding employment and living with HIV/AIDS:

Take care.

You're a life saver! Thanks!


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