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hi my name is Jessica, ive been poz for quite awhile just looking for people to talk with about almost anything im not looking for a relationship and im straight

Heya Jessica! Welcome to the forums!

I've been positive for quite a while myself, am also not looking for a relationship, but am not straight. As a matter of fact, I am only up at the unholy hour of nine in the morning on a Sunday because the boyfriend committed us to a family brunch three towns over for his dad's Father's Day festivities. I am trying to wake up with a rare cup of coffee (the stuff just... damages my innards) and two pieces of toast. All this after a very emotional reunion with my best friend at an outdoor concert/charity event last night that left me drunk and weepy.

I hope you like the forums. We are a really diverse group from all over the world.I would love to be more eloquent but did I mention the unholiness of the hour? Gads, the things we do for love.

Hey Jessica; Welcome to the forums,


Not looking for a relationship either.
As gay as they come.
Today I hate my job.
How long is "awhile"?

Hey hey,

I know those feels. I'm a 20yo and a girl, and not really looking for a relationship either. Although I am casually dating here and there and having a somewhat weird time of it, espesh when i comes time to tell people. How have you found it?


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