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Newly diagnosed, need to try and get the feelings out

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Hey JMMich;

Welcome to the forums, it sounds like you are getting good support and you have a good handle on this.  I am one year in this month, and I went through a big roller coaster of emotions - and am still adjusting to my new normal - but things really have gotten much, much, better with time.

This is a great place for information, support, and ...well, even if you need advice on your newly adopted mischievous cat.  See the pet threads in the Off Topic forum if you haven't already.

Again, welcome.

Thanks oksikoko and Jmarksto, for the kind words and advice. Much appreciated!

Doctor called today with my first numbers. CD4 is 800, VL is 16,000. Doc said that these are good numbers and it gives us time to talk about treatment options. A friend of mine who is poz (and who has been a great support source) said the same. Just knowing something a bit more definite is something of a weight off my shoulders. I go back in just under 2 weeks once the doc gets the complete lab set back (he said the one that takes the longest is the geno-typing), so we'll see how that goes. In the mean time, I'm sure I've got a lot more research to do!

You do have some good numbers, you have good medical advice and you have someone "that has walked in these shoes" to talk to -- those are three very good things.  I hope that all helps give you some piece of mind.

Take care,


i got to know i was poz on march 7th,  the movies from the movies had created certain preconcieved scene in my mind a clinic, a nurse and a psychologist giving you the news. Not my case, i was alone in my room checking my results online. Anyway you go by the motion and keep moving those first days kind numb, you'll get a rainbow of felling in the next weeks but it gets better. i think, i hope.

Sorry to hear of the diagnosis.. but happy you made it here.  I am fairly new to all of this too.  I was diagnosed mid-may, got my numbers a week later with a VL of 500k+ and CD4 of 384.  I started Stribild right away (one month now). 

I wanted to let you know that like you I was somewhat numb for the first couple of weeks.  However, the more i talked to my doctor the more my questions were answered and slowly my fears started fading as I continued on with my life.  Now I can think about being HIV+, but it does not emotionally hurt as it did in the beginning.

Although I am fairly new to the forums and being HIV+, I have to say that your initial numbers are impressive.  I have confidence with the right medication (which the gnome test will help determine) and stubborn persistence of staying on your meds will have you undetectable soon.

You know, my last visit to the doc he said something to me that really put it in perspective for me in terms of my concerns of expected life span...  He said "you should go out and buy yourself a new house or buy you a sports car, cause you are going to be here for a long time to see them paid off."  In other words, having a long and productive life is more than possible.. in fact it is highly probable (unless you have an unfortunate encounter with a Mack truck).

Finally, be positive,, be well.. eat right, exercise, take your meds and plan into the future!  We live in a wonder age of highly sophisticated medicine and treatment..


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