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Rev. Moon:

--- Quote from: Ann on June 17, 2013, 07:56:42 AM ---I try to help out now and then, but mi Espaņol no es muy bueno.

--- End quote ---

Nah, your espaņol is bastante bueno (and the chirrens in that forum love it when they get a reply from Anita la huerfanita).  Methinks you've been hanging out with la Philicia at them seedy Puerto Rican bathhouses. 

Accolades in big bunches!   

Nobel Peace Prize too!

I am also working on soldering the crowns and stitching the capes.  ;)

Thank you Ann, Jeff, Andy, JK, Tim and Rev. Moon! :D

Kudos to the moderators here at this site, they do a steady and great job and their efforts are a blessing to so many people who have many of the same thoughts and questions we all once had.  May all good things come back to Ann, Andy, Jeff, Jonathan, Tim and Rev.  Moon.

Jody :)


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