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--- Quote from: roshan on July 03, 2013, 02:03:44 PM ---Dear Team,

I finally got my test done and came out negative..Thank you so much for your help ..few more questions i need to clarify
1.When should be the final test conducted ie tests after what period of time can be taken as the most conclusive test for HiV negative
2.I am aware that the contracting hiv  through  oral sex is next to minimal however i would like to know what if a women swallows a guys cum whose infected with HIV.
DOES she stand to be tested positive in this case

Thanks once again.


--- End quote ---

I am glad your tests came back negative! AN HIV test at twelve weeks is still the "gold standard" but a test at six weeks is HIGHLY unlikely to change. As a matter of fact, I have been here for over a decade and I don't recall an incident where a six-week negative ended up turning positive at twelve weeks.

As for swallowing cum, it's theoretically possible to seroconvert, but the situations would have to be a perfect storm of awful for it to happen. Perhaps if someone with  ridiculously awful oral health (google "meth mouth" for ecample) sucked someone in the process of seroconverting, when they might have a viral load in the millions, it could happen.

I say "theoretically" because in study after study of serodiscordant couples who use barrier protection (condoms) for anal and vaginal sex, yet NO barrier for any type of oral sex, absolutely ZERO oral infections took place. It would, obviously, not be ethical to study humans with oral hygeine needing medical intervention (again, "meth mouth" and the like) for any length of time, so while I do not think it is IMPOSSIBLE to get HIV from performing fellatio, the circumstances would need to be extreme. And such an infection has yet to be quantified beyond the highly unreliable patient report after the fact.


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