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Dear ,

I had sex with a hooker some time back when this unfortunate incident took place.
My condom broke and immidiately i removed it out .I have waited for six weeks now .I am in uae region where the rules are a lil strict when it comes to detection of HIV and hepatatis.I would need to go to a private doctor and secretly do my tests  as most of the clinics here are affliated with the government and if anything positive is detected ,they deport ppl back to d home country.My questions are
1.What is d possiblity of contracting aNY disease ?
2.What tests do i need to ask him to conduct ...which is d most conclusive one.
I am aware that the window is 6 to 12 weeks'
3.I have been reading your blogs and others too (dats wat most ppl in my condition do )i havent got ne symptoms other than a very small rash on my back side of the neck close to d hairline it was there earlier too ..(can be because of the hair cut ..had long hair earlier..)
4.I am shit scared because i know morally i have sinned and inspite of using a protection ,i am in this state.
5.Would it be possible by you guys to tel him how do HIV rash looks like

Thank you in adavance for your support ,time and concern



Andy Velez:
Roshan, basically I expect you to come out of this situation ok. Nothing you are reporting symptomatically is HIV specific. The rash you have described is not the sort which is associated with ARS. Yes, you technically had a risk when the condom broke, but it's a low level risk.

HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It is significantly harder to accomplish from female to male than it is from male to female. We're talking about a single incident during which you were protected until the condom broke. The odds are significantly in your favor that you will test negative.

A negative at 6 weeks would be a strong indication that you will test negative at  12 weeks for a conclusive result. You can use any standard HIV test.

You can lay off guilt tripping yourself about having "sinned" and all of that stuff. You're a guy and you had sex. And a condom broke. This is not a punishment on you from God or whatever for having had sex. As I said at the beginning of my comments, I expect you to come out ofthis ok. 

Dear Andy,

Thank you so so much for the assuring words.I have a few more questions

a.I would like to know how does the ARS rash look like.
b.Also i have seen that most of the admins would like to believe that the test is the best solution to lay off your fears(which actually is absoultely correct) .However there are many of us who would like to know what exactly are the symptoms when ur positive .
c.I am also worried about the other STDs like chalymi,sphyliss.Are deese curable .

Having said the above ..i would be going for my tests tommorow or day after my 6th week has begun ..i would conduct a full check up as i do not want to infect some one else ...



Jeff G:
Hi Roshan . The only way to know ones HIV status is to test , its the same with all STD's .
We can not discuss symptoms because they are not specific to HIV and discussing symptoms is a guessing game , and we don't guess , we deal in science and fact .

The other STD's you asked about are treatable but you do need to be tested for them . Many STD's can linger for years unnoticed .

So as Any advised , you will need to test for HIV at 6 weeks post exposure and again at 3 months to confirm the results . Ask your doctor about testing for all other STD's and he can screen you for them at the appropriate time .   

Dear Team,

I finally got my test done and came out negative..Thank you so much for your help ..few more questions i need to clarify
1.When should be the final test conducted ie tests after what period of time can be taken as the most conclusive test for HiV negative
2.I am aware that the contracting hiv  through  oral sex is next to minimal however i would like to know what if a women swallows a guys cum whose infected with HIV.
DOES she stand to be tested positive in this case

Thanks once again.



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