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The current regimen I'm on (combivir + Kaletra) has negative interactions with birth control pills so my husband and I have pretty much slowed things down to a crawl cause two kids in two years is PLENTY for us. I am not inclined to get an IUD as my body tends to reject foreign objects and/or get infected.  Does anyone know of any meds that won't interact with oral contraceptives?

Hmm... I'd had my tubes tied before I ended up poz, so it's been many years since I've been on The Pill.

If you know the name brand or generic name of The Pill you'd normally take, you can run it and various combos of hiv meds through the interactive charts at

I know there have been women here in the past who had the shots instead of taking The Pill and I don't recall any of them ever mentioning drug-interactions.

(Isn't it time you switch off Combivir to get away from the AZT anyway? There are meds available that aren't so hard on the body as AZT.)

Hope that helps!

Oh, and welcome to the forums, by the way. :)


Ahh, thank you much Ann. I am really happy to have found a place where I can talk about things that I can't with anyone else. And thus far everyone has been really nice.

I asked about the drug combo in the treatment forum and did not realize that remaining on the my current regimen was so old school. My doc didn't really let me know that much and pretty much said that if I was tolerating it well enough, why bother things and I agreed. Good thing I found this place. I know now that I am going to have to be much more pro-active (a word I hate especially since it's not a word) and find out about my condition myself.

I will definitely take a look at that site as I am quite certain of the pills I took before.

Thanks again for the warm welcome and advice.  ;D


I was on the pill and had no interaction with my AIDS meds, I take Truvada/Isentress.
The only reason I didn't get the shot is because I hate needles. 

My doctor did tell me that the pill could possibly be an immune suppressor.  I did have to quit it though as I couldn't afford it anymore.
Michelle  8)


I had my tubes tied years ago, but did go on Depo due to horrible hormonal issues.  I had no interaction with my meds, though I was on Truvada/Isentress, but other meds before that. 

I agree with Ann, you need to talk about getting your meds into a newer combo.  Welcome to the ladies forum, by the way. Saw your initial posting in another forum, but wanted to say HI and welcome!



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