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HI there.. i have the same problem your experiencing.. exposed almost 2 years ago, experienced ARS (all symptoms in the book), tested 3 times( 6 weeks, 13 weeks, 1 year) by an elisa 4th gen- ALL NEG! but eversince that day, i never felt normal and im always ill. ive been to a psychologist after my 3rd test thinking that this could be mental but it didnt work... until today my symptoms never stopped.. 2 years of headaches, body pains, neck pains, floaters, all sort of skin rashes( small blisters on hands and palms so itchy, black dried skin on the fingers of my foot, jock itch, fungi, sebbhoric dermititis on face and neck, red bumps appears for no reason, folliculitis on chest and back, staph), mouth problems, stomach problems, and my diarrhea is almost 5 months now, night sweats. What else can you ask for as far as symptoms is concern! Im starting to think about /hiv again even though i tested thrice... You can never blame us because this symptoms keep coming... now im thinking that this could be rare... doctors never seems to find out whats wrong with me...

Andy Velez:
Jegan,your symptoms and your thoughts, feelings and self-diagnosing notwithstanding, you are still HIV negative. Period. End of story.

You say it "didn't work" to see a psychologist. Did you think there was going to be overnight magic and suddenly everything would be gone?

As for your symptoms, you should be discussing them with your doctor if you have persistent ones.

No matter how you try to make it otherwise, this is NOT an HIV situation.

anymore comment on my issue pls...


Whatever is going on, it has NOTHING to do with hiv. You are hiv negative, period, end of story.

Work with your doctor to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. You have ruled out hiv - look for other causes.



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