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I woulld like to ask if there is someone who takes Maraviroc? I'm eating this for one year.  What are your opinions about this medicine?

Regards from Poland

I am going two years taking the drug. It's effectiveness seems to be only when taken twice a day. Other than that I have had no issues with it. It will be interesting to see how it works out though.

I am taking it with Combivir twice a day as well.

I am taking it twice a day.

I found out by my own experiment (its in Phase III study in the USA), I had a 66% chance of getting it when I entered the study.
I tasted the tablet that looked like the sustiva tablet no medicine taste, did the same to the Maraviroc tablets a week later, definite medicine taste.

Three groups in the study divided like this
Combivir and one dose a day of Maraviroc (300mg) eliminated and all participants moved to 2x day dosage
Combivir and twice a day dose of Maraviroc (2 x 300mg)

I had a reaction to the Combivir so I was switched to Truvada.
As you can see my lab results speak for themselves.  Had a couple of VL >50 but not over 200

Is Maraviroc new? What makes it different from all the other drugs out there? Also did your CD4 cells really go over 1000?


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