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AMG 06 Planning Update

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AMG Coordinator:
Hello Everyone:

Now that we are in our new forums home we want to continue with these update posts for AMG 06.

1. Dan and John (KCMetroman) have done an amazing job on the t-shirt project.  If you have not yet paid for your t-shirt you can do so by:


If you are paying for 1 shirt--click on the AMG logo at the bottom of John's web site.

If you are paying for 2 or more shirts--click on the lady wearing the t-shirt also at the bottom of John's web site.

It is not necessary for you to have a paypal account, you can use any visa,mc even debit cards.

2.  Alan and Jan are  finishing the plans for our visit to Hope Chapel at 10:00 a.m. on Friday.  Just as a tease let me say I think they may be announcing an additional surprise for this, but I will leave that up to them.  (He He He)

3.  Our census for who is attending still stands at between 35 and 40 members.

One thing I want to stress is that the success of AMG will not be defined by the size of our gathering, but just that the gathering is indeed happening again.  Having said that, however, at 35 - 40 members coming this year we have increased our gathering by more than 50%. 

Some of you have asked me where I am getting those numbers (35 - 40) from, when fewer than that have actually announced their travel plans.  The best answer I can give is that not everyone who is coming has booked yet or if they have booked they haven't announced.  But I am still very confident in my predicition of 35 - 40.  (Can you believe it?   :o )

4.  O.K. now for a bit of arm twisting.  On Thursday night we traditionally do what we call the Pub Crawl. 

We need a couple members to sort of act as our guides.  The duties are pretty simple actually, and you do not need to be a native.  (we'll find our way from one hell hole to another--trust me!  ;) )

The most important part of the job is to make sure we don't all end up in jail.  Or if we do, that the guides have quick access to a bail bondsmen.

The second most important part of the job is to keep us somewhat together as we move up one side and down the other side of the street.  Previous experience in herding cats is especially helpful!   ;D

O.K. so this is pretty much a ceremonial thing that doesn't require a lot of planning, but it's still fun to have two members designated--(that way we can blame them for all our misfortune and naughty behaviour!).

I tried to hint that Lisa and DavidNC should do this, but neither of them took the bait. >:(  So I'm just coming out and assigning them this task!   8) 

So you two, tell us what time you want us in the hotel lobby and point us in the right direction, then pray to god you/we survive the night!  (He He He)  (Suggestion you may want to bring whips, leashes, and collars with you to Montreal!)

5. Dingo dawg (and he's a naughty naughty dawg) is asking for suggestions for a music cd he's going to put together for us.  Please check out his thread and offer your suggestion as well as a brief reason the song is important to you and/or AMG 06.

6.  Canuck is coordinating the day trip to Quebec City.  If you are planning on going, please make sure you add your name to the list in the thread he has started.  They will need to coordinate transportation and getting an accurate head count is important.

7. Finally I would like your input on something that has been added to the schedule.  It's the "social hour" listed on Saturday and Sunday (for those not going to Quebec City).  Because we are a much larger group this year, it isn't practical to be able to plan a nightly dinner get together.  It is however, important for us to have a designated time each night where we can all gather, unwind, and discuss options for the evening.  I didn't know how to make this work other than to have the "social hour". 

My questions are:  Is that ok?  Does anyone have a better idea?  (If so please suggest it cause I was stumped).


AMG Coordinator

P.S.  I need to mention that the Club Night hasn't been forgotten.  I'm just hoping someone will step up and get a thread going about it. 

AMG Coordinator:
Hello Everyone:

In just 4 weeks:

We wanted to once again provide you with an update on the planning for AMG 06.

1.  Canuck travelled to Montreal last weekend and finalized the arrangement with Bourbon for our Friday night Meet & Greet.

2.  John and Dan successfully completed the t-shirt project.  They have ordered a total of 50 shirts, which should produce approximately $100.00 for the Grants Committee.  (Some monies will not be collected until we arrive in Montreal.)

3.  SAE is working on gathering the items for our goody bags, including a special letter of welcome from the Mayor of Montreal.

4.  We changed the start time for Tim Horn's presentation on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  Some have mentioned that getting up that early might be a problem for those who go out the night before.  Unfortunately because of the way the hotel rents their meeting rooms in 3 hour blocks (Ex:  6:00 - 9:00 a.m. / 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon / 12:00 Noon - 3:00 p.m. etc) we could not move the start time back any further.  We had to stick with the 9:00 - 12:00 Noon time slot to accommodate Tim's travel schedule that afternoon.  Coffee service will begin at 9:00 a.m. but Tim's actual presentation will not start till 9:30 a.m.  Remember attendance isn't mandatory if this revision still presents a difficulty for anyone.  Sorry, but we did try.

5.  Some of you who are not leaving until Tuesday have asked "What about Monday?".  We have intentionally left that day open because some will be leaving on Monday.  If there is anything that those remaining would like to offer as suggestions please do so. 

6.  For those members who are going on the day trip to Quebec City, transportation appears to be taken care of.  If your name is not on the list and you would like to go--please add it soon.  If you name is currently on the list and you have decided not to go, please let us know that too--soon.  We are asking this so we can get an accurate picture of how many members will actually be going, we can't give anyone a firm price until we have those details.  Thank you for your cooperation.

7.  Finally, I think this is a good time to step back and take a look at how far we have come with this year's gathering.

 Last year, at 1 month out, we were only beginning to put the actual plans in place.  On one hand that last minute flurry of activity was a good thing because it helped build excitement and keep people's interest.  This year we had to do things entirely different.  It is impossible to schedule events and move this many people around without a lot of pre-planning.  Maybe we got things too planned too early though, and that has left some feeling somewhat disconnected.  I don't know.  I certainly hope that isn't the case.

But anyway here is the list of all the great people who have helped bring AMG 06 together:

(I hope to god I haven't overlooked anyone--if I did please let me know.)

SITE & DATE SELECTION                                  Membership at large who participated in the voting.

HOTEL NEGOTIATIONS                                     Dennis

MONTREAL AMBASSADORS                                SAE (Suzette) & Canuck (Claude)

GRANTS COMMITTEE                                         Jody, Trish, & Killfoile (Joe)
                              Non-Voting                                   Gerry & RAB (Rocky)

DONORS                                                           Generous but Anonymous Members

VISIT TO HOPE CHAPPEL                                    AnnieBC (Jan) & Alanbama (Alan)

T-SHIRT DESIGN & SALES                                    KCMetro (John) & Oscar (Dan)

DAY TRIP TO QUEBEC CITY                                Canuck (Claude)
              Transportation                                               Ric, Robert, Moffie (Tim), RAB (Rocky), KCMetro (John)

PUB CRAWL GUIDES                                           Lisa & David_NC (David)

MUSIC & COMMEMORATIVE PHOTO/                   
     VIDEO CD                                                         Dingo (Bailey)

MEDIA OUTREACH & COORDINATION                    Andy & Killfoile (Joe)



TIM HORN'S PRESENTATION                                Tim Horn and

AMG COORDINATOR                                            RAB (Rocky)

So as you all can see, this truly has become a full team effort.  I've never been more proud of the power the members of these forums produce when working together.  It is awesome if you ask me.

In eager anticipation and with great respect to everyone who has taken the chance to come,

AMG Coordinator


Reading this thread brought tears to my eyes -- not sad tears, but tears of joy.

It amazes me that we have so many generous and kind-hearted people, who are willing to work so hard to make this event happen.  Today I give thanks that all of you are part of my life.

I love you all very much....

Alan  (where is that damn heart thing when I need it?)


Thanks for your positive feedback and comments.  It's been kinda lonely down here in this forum the past couple of weeks. 

See you soon guy.


(Who misses the heart icon too.)

The Canuck:

In about two weeks from now you'll start to feel the excitement and It should become more active down here too as we are closer to the AMG.  ;)


The Canuck


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