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First of all may I say a big thanks to all of you for having the most informed, no nonsense and factual web site concerning this issue. The web is full of contradition to not understate things, especially with my oral concern. So if you could just put my mind at ease it would be very much appreciated.

Back in mid July of this year Oral sex went both ways between myself and a girl in the Congo, West Africa. Was she a sex worker? yes I would say so, but its just a way of life there and when bills have to paid in such an impoverished country so be it. Our Oral contacts were on three occasions again both ways and I did not ejaculate into her mouth at her request.

Fast forward now three weeks when I am now home in England. A sore appeared on the end of my penis, this didn't overly concern me as I have had genital herpes for as long as I can remember so I thought that this was one of my yearly outbreaks. However, this sore was different, in such that it wasn't the typical herpes blister but it was singular, round and relatively painless.

I googled for images of penis sores and the closest I could find was a syphilis chancre. Now I'm getting concerned! Due to circumstances with babysitting and my wife being at work, I couldn't get into my local GUM clinic straight away but did phone them up for advise, but by this time the sore was beginning to fade. It finally went away after approximately eight days. I was advised by the clinic that Syphilis sores do not come and go that quickly, but I should come in for testing after waiting three months after my last contact.

My question here is, if this sore was syphilis is it possible that HIV can latch onto this and infect me at the same time?
I shall be getting tested in a couple of weeks time.

Have I had sexual contact with my wife? no. As I again went straight back to Africa and managed to be a good boy this time. This will continue. Im a dog, I strayed, where was the respect. Never again.

Thanks for your help


Andy Velez:
Regardless of what other STDs maybe involved related to that now-gone sore on your penis, receiving oral is not a risk and giving oral is more risky theoretically than in actuality. So many factors have to come together to created the possibility of risk in giving oral male to female that infection just doesn't happen that way.

This is not an HIV situation. 

Hi Andy.

Many thanks for your kind reply.

Obviously I have taken the time to read your welcoming message about HIV transmission, and probally would not of bothered you and put all of this behind me if it were not for the 'maybe' Syphilis looking sore on the end of my dick.

Are you categorically saying that even if this were Syphilis that HIV does not piggy back and I am in the clear here?

Hi Ann,

Thought of you when I chose my posting name-will be riding around your island next June-

Cheers all

Hi Andy and Ann,

As I mentioned a few weeks back it was my intention to visit the local GUM clinic, which I did today- lovely understanding people, they, like yourselves really do care.I walked out feally that a weight had beed lifted from my shoulders. Im not alone with this-

For some reason Andy, you did not reply to my last post, no offence taken. I asked the same question to the advisors at the clinic regarding the HIV/Syphilis piggy back scenario and I was informed that to the best of there knowledge this does not happen--My results will tell, however, I can assure you that I trust all of you implicitly and things will turn out OK.

After my Oral encounters with the Naomi Campbell  look alike night fighters in West Africa  I'm being checked for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, through blood samples and also Gonorrhea and Chlamydia through Urine- I was even given a jab , the one of three for Hep C.

Guess they might find some Westons Old Rosie cider lurking in  my urine also!

With hindsight Ann, it was rater insensitive of me to have related you to my posting name, my sincere apologies to you-sorry.

Your all good eggs.

I'm off to Angola next week and will be phoning my clinic for my results. I'm obviously nervous about this,will keep you posted.



Andy Velez:
Don't know how I managed to overlook the piggybacking question. If you had syphillis and had a risky HIV exposure through unprotected intercourse that would raise the risk level for getting HIV.

But receiving oral is strictly in the theoretical category as far as risk for HIV to begin with and giving oral to a woman is pretty much the same. Whether you ejaculate or not when receiving oral is irrelevant in terms of risk to you. The risk, although also low,  is to the person giving you oral. You mention that you have herpes. Unprotected intercourse would be riskier for HIV if you do it while having a herpes outbreak. 

In terms of the activities you have been specifically concerned about I don't see any reason to doubt you will continue to test negative for HIV.

In general it's good for anyone who's sexually active to have a full STD panel done regularly. That means at least annually and every six months is even better.

And of course, if you are having intercourse outside of a securely monogamous relationship you should be using a latex condom everytime you have intercourse.



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