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Please don't stop posting.  We've all made mistakes here, as Jan said, so don't worry about it.  This place really is wonderfully supportive and if you stick around you will find that out. :)

Hi JD,

As Bt65 has mentioned we all have said something at one time or another to offend someone.  Don't worry people will let you know, usually in a good way.

It really is worth sticking around and getting to know us.

 Some of us on here have made a mistake that has changed our life, don't judge yourself to harshly.  that is something I'm sure most of us have done to ourselves at some point or another.

Michelle 8)


I am an African , I am from South Africa, my government classifies me as someone who is living above middle class,  I have (two) 2 masters degrees (explains the intelligence) and I am married to a HIV negative man BUT I am HIV positive.

As all the writers said HIV does not discriminate.

I have been knowingly living with HIV for 6 years and I have been on ART for 4 years.

So to answer your question yes " there is anyone else" except the fact that I am an African and I am not sure if my answer qualifies.

Good luck in your journey of healing and forgiving yourself and the person who infected you.

Do not be too harsh to your self it will make the healing process difficult.

This site is very informative and it will be beneficial to you should you decide to stay.

Good luck and regards



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