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I am a single professional woman living in Canada.  I work as an elemenary school teacher and have an orphan care centre in malawi.  I tested positive in the fall.  I am angry at myself for being careless.  I feel ashamed because I am an educated, middle-class lady who should know better. 

Are there any other professional women out there with HIV?  I know I'm ignorant but I feel like this is a disease of drug users and Africans. I just feel like no one will believe me if I say I'm HIV+.  I am judging myself, harshly. 

for Africans???????? that is so insulting..what planet do u come from.  HIV doesnt discriminate as you know clearly know now

I felt so insulted when I read this because I am African. Too bad its misconceptions like these that lead people like the op to this forum. Guess what I am also highly educated and professional and my partner and I are above middle class...but then we are not a good example to the op because we are Africans.
You have an immune be you white, green, blue, rich or poor , gay or straight you are at risk for HIV. Pleade teach this to the children at your school too.

I see why the others feel insulted, as do I, since I"m a recovering drug addict.  But I did not get HIV from being a drug addict.  It just doesn't matter who a person is, where they are from, what their habits are etc.   Anyone having unprotected sex is at risk.  As you are experiencing.  I am not above middle class, but am a social worker, working at an ASO.  I see people from all walks of life in our agency, trust me.


I am neither African, or a recovering drug user, well my drug recovery happened 25 years ago.

I got AIDS from my ex-husband.  I am no middle class, my government classifies me  as poor.

Like BT said all people can get it if they are not careful.

People believing you isn't the only thing you should worry about you also have to  worry about how they react. 

Michelle 8)



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