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Tell what you think about this guy.


Recently on poz personals I had a guy contact me.  The curious part I have (or don't understand) is that on his line that says positive since (or whatever it says) he says he is negative.  Why would a negative guy be on a dating site for positives?  He identified himself as being straight.  The rest of the profile that asks about jobs, what they like and such not all says I'll tell you later. 

Thanx ladies

Michelle 8)

Personally, I wouldn't trust the guy.  But just because he's not listing his job, or likes.  And of course it could be someone who doesn't want to list his job because he's afraid of being taken advantage of.  But me, I'm suspicious of everyone lol.

I used to do poz personals, but don't anymore.  But in my opinion, and it's just my opinion, I wouldn't trust it.

I have to agree with Betty Kitty, I wouldn't trust him, if he had nothing to hide he would be up front with his whole profile, unless the "I'll tell you later" stunt is to see if he can arouse your curiosity enough to get in touch.

I would give him a miss if I were you.

Jan :-*


--- Quote from: klassykitty on June 09, 2013, 07:30:04 PM ---
Why would a negative guy be on a dating site for positives? 

--- End quote ---

Michelle, there are predatory men out there who could conceivably go to a site like PP because they think the women will be desperate and vulnerable.

Desperate, vulnerable women make perfect targets for all sorts of wrong-doing from trying to get money off you (my mother needs an operation, can you help pay for it?) to physical and emotional abuse.

I'd stay away from him. Ignore him. If he persists and keeps contacting you, report him to the folks who run that section of the website. (We mods and admin in the forums have nothing to do with PP.)

Hugs! :)

edited for clarity

He only contacted me that one time. 

I pretty much decided not to contact him, I think if he had some stuff profile filled out I might have. 

Bt you are right about the job part.  I dont' list my income, but I will at least say I work, and will list things like interests.

 I also understand not putting a picture on pp,  My pix is on it but then it's on here so I figured they could find it anyhows.

Michelle 8)


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