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Hi all....i need some info/advice!Ive been positive for 9yrs now and am in great health..last check my numbers were in the 600's with an undect vl! My husband is also positive and his numbers have never gone above 200 but is in great health too!! My question is in regards to adoption...we cannot have kids and unfortunately its not me that has the problem its my husbands!
We really want kids and know that we would be great parents....I wouldnt even know where to start with the adoption process...I havent done much research but I read somewhere recently that adoption agencies cannot discriminate against hiv! Does anyone know anything about the adoption process in the US and abroad! Any info would be helpful

Have you thought about sperm donation?

I don't know anything about being poz and adoption in the States. I don't think it would be a problem, but it would probably depend on which organisation you approach. Faith-based organisations, for example, can be pretty backward and discriminatory.

Good luck!


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