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Taking medications daily or daily at a specific time?


I've read in a few posts that we have to take our meds at a certain time of the day and that missing even a few minutes could make the meds ineffective.  My doctor prescribed me my meds and he never mentioned anything like that.   The instructions only tell me to take them daily.  Should I establish a strict regimen based on time or am I ok just taking them daily? 

It really depends on what you are on... Minutes no several hours yes. 

actually most meds have been studied and it's been found that 95% adherence still results in successful therapy. So minutes don't matter, hours don't matter and even a day missed here and there (very rare!) is no cause for alarm.

However for the best pharmocological effect, you should take your meds as instructed and within a fews hours range each day. This allows the drugs to stay at the right level in your system.

Also for the sake of adherence, if you get into the habit of always taking them at about the same time each day, you should have less chance of screwing up and missing a dose because you "forgot".

For example my meds are taken with food... i take them at dinner each dinner (at whatever time dinner time happens to be)... so clearly it's easy for me to remember if I took them or not. ;)

My docs rule of thumb for what I'm on is within a 4 hour range.

thanks guys.  I take them around lunch time because I was afraid of the side effects that I may have so I started the regimen mid day in case the side effects were severe.  I have never missed a dose, but I was late by an hour because I traveled and forgot about the time zone change. 


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