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Started on Kivexa and Raltegrevir (Isentress)

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Just switched to the above two days ago due to Truvada and Maraviroc not working out so well.

Anyone else on this combo? How has it worked for you?

Hi there. I am with this combo since beginning of the year. Can you be more specific? What is not working well?


Hi ad2san.
The Truvada/Maraviroc combo was making me feel like I was packing around a 50lb bag of rocks all day. I was exhausted a lot of the time. I know it was this combo since I was in Kivexa and a trial drug up until about 3 mo's ago. That trial ended and I went on the above.

I just switched to kivexa / isentress so we'll see how it goes.

How is this treatment going for you?

Hello, as far as subjective side effects are concerned I have nothing about what I can complain.
As far as objective side effects are concerned : only good things; my blood analysis comes back totally normal, VL still undetectable. I have the impression I am loosing my hair more LOL.
Pretty much easy combo.


Have been on this combo for almost 8 side effects or issues to report yet.

How about you?



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