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Jeff G:
Hi David , please keep all of your post in this thread and please do not start any other ones . You can find your thread by going to your profile page and selecting show own post . Thanks for your cooperation .

I'm sorry, Jeff! I will not do it again.
I started a new post because this has nothing to do with HIV. ;)

Andy Velez:
David, whatever the subject matter, our rule is to keep your entries in the same thread. And since you began in the Spanish forum you should stay there unless there is some reason you need to switch to English. So otherwise this is the only thread you should be writing in.

Our focus here is strictly on HIV and not on any other STDs. Nevertheless I would say your non-reaction VDRL after 12 weeks is a reliable negative result regarding syphilis.

Get on with your life.

Señor Andy, mi doctor me dijo que al parecer tengo citomegalovirus y me mando a hacerme pruebas para esa enfermedad. ¿Es cierto que ese virus aumenta el periodo ventana a 6 meses, usted ha visto casos asi ?

tambien debo hacerme pruebas sobre el virus de Epstein Barr. ¿ este tambien podria a largar el periodo de ventana del vih?


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