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How low did your CD4s get?

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--- Quote from: notimeforthat on July 04, 2013, 06:55:48 AM ---March 2013-1st Lab

June 2013- 2nd Lab

I was hoping for better, but oh well. 8)

--- End quote ---

Better than this?????

I was 26 in my first CD4 account in January 2012 and one a half year later I am still in 140! In 3 months you reached same level than me in 18!
Highest was 210 3 months ago but went down a little...


--- Quote from: elf on June 05, 2013, 11:56:17 AM ---
In my first year on meds, I was also taking 400 mg selenium each day.
It may have helped, my viral load was undetectable within a month on therapy (down from 300 000),
and CD4 jumped from 353 --->515 in a month, and then to >1000 in 60 days...

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Dear Elf,

Can you explain more about using selenium? Who should use and how to use? Please help to provide more information as I think everyone hope to increase CD4.

Thank you all


--- Quote from: atripla_2013 on July 22, 2013, 04:18:26 AM ---Please help to provide more information as I think everyone hope to increase CD4.

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sorry but your immune system is your immune system. You can do a few things like eating better, exercising more, and taking vitamins/supplements to improve your health (which is different from but is related to your immune system); but any of those things will have little to no effect on cd4 counts. I mean, if there was a real way to increase your cd4 counts don't you think your doctor would have told you and that we'd all be taking some miracle cd4 drug.  ;)

As far as your cd4 count is concerned, here are the things to remember:
a) Without knowing what your pre-HIV baseline count was, there's no way to know what "normal" is for you and no know to know how high they might go. For you, normal might be 400 or normal might be 1200. Without knowing it's silly to worry too much because...
b) if you had a low nadir, your cd4s might never recover to any "high" level
c) as long as you have over 300, you should be safe from having any hiv-related opportunistic infections.
d) CD4 counts can change by 100 pts in a single day with the highest amount in the late afternnon/early evening and the lowest amounts in the morning.
e) You should never judge things by one test but by the trend over 3 tests.
f) the only proven way to increase your cd4 count is to remain adherent to your ARVs. As long as the HIV is kept to undetectable, your immune system is able to recover to whatever level it's going to recover to.

Thank Mr Leatherman for your very kind advice.

Improving immune system is not an easy work that oneself can do by his own. :)
Having good food, supplements, Do Exercise, Mental health can support.

Hope to learn from all of your experiences.


Hi everybody

My lowest was april 2013 and diagnosed poz same time, cd 4 zero

I was hospitalized for 5. Weeks, almost lost the battle....probably to Iris and OI
Have TB, Molluscum and hairloss - hate it
But feel better now, and Im on Istetress and Truvada.

And my cd4 are now 120, not a lot, but im very happy with the progress :-)

VL is now UD :-)

Greetings to U all from litle Denmark



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