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How low did your CD4s get?

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Chart schmart

It's all reading tea leaves


--- Quote from: buginme2 on June 17, 2013, 03:07:13 PM ---
Chart schmart

It's all reading tea leaves

--- End quote ---

;D "Chart schmart", made me fart giggle. 

But it's true to an extent. That chart is only a broad example, a generalisation, a "stock picture", if you will.

That's one of the reasons why hiv can be such a bitch to figure out - no two people's bodies ever react to it in exactly the same way.

Gravel, it could be that you were infected more recently than you thought. If you bottom, maybe a condom broke or went missing that you don't know about.

It could be that you caught it just at the right time when your VL was spiking (yes, that's a high VL), but before it had a chance to fuck up too many CD4s.

It's all speculation. You'll probably never know, so I'd advise you to just let it go.

"Then I read something about how people who test over 100K for viral load develop AIDS quicker if not on meds? Ugh." Why are you "ughing" over this? You ARE on meds and you have NOT developed aids.

You're not likely to now either. You've had a fantastic response to the meds, considering where your VL started out. You're all but UD already after two months. Some people who start meds with such high VLs can take up to a year or sometimes more to reach UD.

What matters the most is that you started treatment and now that you're on treatment, the most important thing is that you remain adherent. Take them every day.

Forget about the other stuff. It's not important. You're here now and you're having a fantastic response to the meds. It's all good, believe it or not.

March 2013-1st Lab

June 2013- 2nd Lab

I was hoping for better, but oh well. 8)


--- Quote from: notimeforthat on July 04, 2013, 06:55:48 AM ---I was hoping for better, but oh well. 8)

--- End quote ---
that's nearly a 500% increase in 3 months!!;) that's not too shabby for being so low.

Didn't your doctor tell you that it could take 6 months to a year to make a decent climb (>250)? Studies have shown that people that reach a very low nadir often take a long time to recover and don't recover too much. (of course, everyones' story if different, but that is the generalization) For quite a few people >300 wasn't reached for decades. Check back through the beginning of this thread and check out the replies. I counted at least half a dozen people that had a much, much worse recovery than you're having - and they are doing pretty well today (ie look what I wrote " It took me 12 yrs to get over 200 cd4s, and 14 yrs to reach and hold undetectable....I've been living for 16 yrs with less than 300 cd4s and haven't been back to the hospital in all that time")

you really be much more concerned about viral load. When HIV isn't able to replicate uncontrolled in your system, your immune system can recover to whatever it's going to recover to in however long it needs to take to recover.

btw keep in mind you probably don't even know your "normal" pre-hiv CD4 count. if yours was 300-500, you're already halfway recovered in 3 months!

keep you chin up  ;)


My lowest count, I don't really remember exactly, but it was around 600 or 650. My highest was around 1100. The latest one was 1000 or 1050. I've been diagnosed for almost 4 years and I'm 26. I started Complera 7 days ago, no side effects with it so far, and I did that because I want to keep my CD4s the level they are. :)

My VL is around 12,000 (or 8,000... I have a bad memory with it). The highest it was was around 32,000.


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