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Thanks for the side effects. . Its summer time again. . UGH. . time for shorts?

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Hugh Jackman has bulging veins and many people think he's a stud.

Jeff G:
I have bulging veins but sadly missed the studly parts .

I also have radiation burns from KS treatments and skinny thighs and I wear shorts all the time . I once was asked what the scar was on my leg by a stranger and I told her what is was and offered to let her touch it if she wanted too , she didn't . 

I to have the bulging veins in the legs.  I work out a lot so my legs are muscular.
   I've tried tanning including the rub on tan but it doesn't mask the problem that well.
   But it hasn't stopped me from wearing at least the well below the knee type shorts.
   If anybody makes a coment I usually make excuses like it's the weight lifting or I stand on concrete A lot.
   It seems to satisfy them & we move on.


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