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Saying good bye to two LTS close friends who passed, survivors guilt again:

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I read this post previously but couldn't bring myself to comment at the time.  So much of it resonates with me.  I understand completely the range of emotions you're dealing with.

Wishing you well as you're dealing with this loss.


Hey Jeff,

Sorry I am late with this, I have had computer issues.

What you are saying is all too true. We are all but forgotten relics. The young people today don't understand us or our lives, and those peers who still live seem to not want to be associated.

But we still have each other and, as long as we do, we are not forgotten.

Let's continue to walk together.



Take good care off your self during this sad time Jeff. It seems a lot off us cannot just experience the death off a loved one without all the others coming back to say hello. It is a particular sadness , one that I am wary off .

Like Betty I would love to attend a AMG.

All good things to you

Thanks everyone for your support and kindness.  It really means a lot.  I feel better not being alone feeling this way.  You are all great!

Best to you,


I sympathize with you Jeff.   I know exactly how you feel, too. I also have survivor's guilt, along with a host of other issues (both mental and physical).  No one can know what it is like to live so long with this disease, and have the health problems we have, unless you are actually in our shoes, walking around in them.

I am extremely disillusioned with the general state of medical care that I receive now, as compared to 20-25 yrs ago.   If when I was first diagnosed with AIDS I had had to deal with the health care system I have in place now, I would have died for sure, because there is no way I would have had the strength to fight for every single thing.  I have to argue, bitch, complain, and carry on, just to get a prescription written, or to get a phone call returned.  No explanations for lab results, no call-backs regarding tests, is all just TOO much.   

My thoughts and prayers are with you, my fellow LTS, and I hope that we can continue to keep the faith, and keep on keeping on.

HUGS, Alan


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