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Betty, I agree with you we should help those capable of handling their own affairs be as responsible for them as possible.

But, like you, I have some who cannot do it for themselves. One guy is a PML survivor whose mental abilities have been affected. Others are schizophrenic, which is always a challenge for the person trying to help. I have some who don't speak English, or very little English. While my Spanish is improving, I cannot wrap my head around Navajo, so there are challenges there as well.

Bottom line is I try to make people as self sufficient as possible, but, as I know you know, sometimes it just isn't possible.

I also agree with you. For case managers, ACA is going to be a complete and utter nightmare. I had one guy from Santa Fe tell me he thinks about three-quarters of those living with HIV in the state would be eligible for expanded Medicaid.
That sounds like it could be OK, but then he added those already on Medicaid will be on a different system, and others will have to apply using new and still undisclosed forms.
The insurance exchange is going to be a complete nightmare for those of my clients, which is about 85 percent, who are on the state Medical Insurance Pool for high risk individuals. Right now, we help them with their premiums, but I have no clue if that program will continue under ACA.
That could mean that some people may be looking at paying premiums for the first time in their lives. I already know people won't be happy.
I think the ACA is a good thing, and long overdue. But I also know it is certainly no panacea and there will be many hurdles to jump before we get the system up and running, or at least half running.



Jeff G:
I think it might be a good idea to remind or check in on family and friends who are not able to navigate the health care system by them selves anymore . I got a letter the other day from Medicare that was vague in every way except to say you must mail order diabetic supplies beginning next month . I thought to myself I bet my Aunt got one of these and is in full panic mode about now , I called her and she was .

That's when I realized lots of people who rely on Medicare and Medicaid for health services are not going to be able to navigate through some of these changes that are coming  ... so Im giving all of us that can figure these things out a gentle reminder that our family , friends and neighbors may need assistance , HIV or not .   


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